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Pho 4 Star: Elevating Culinary Presence Online

Project Overview: Pho 4 Star’s website was envisioned as a digital extension of the restaurant’s rich Vietnamese culinary heritage. The goal was to create an engaging online platform that not only showcases the restaurant’s menu but also facilitates an easy navigation and ordering process for customers.

My Role: As the project’s lead developer, I was responsible for the entire lifecycle of the website, from initial design concepts to implementing advanced features like an online ordering system. My focus was on enhancing user experience, optimizing for search engines, and ensuring the site’s performance and security.

Challenges & Solutions:

  • Engagement and Retention: With an average engagement time of 56 seconds among 17K users, the challenge was to captivate and retain a diverse audience. I addressed this by optimizing content layout and incorporating engaging visual elements that reflect the brand’s identity.
  • Driving Traffic: A significant portion of traffic (12K sessions) came from organic search, supplemented by direct visits (7.9K) and referrals. This was achieved through meticulous SEO practices and creating content that resonates with the target audience, ensuring high visibility and accessibility.
  • User Experience: To accommodate the substantial user base, I focused on streamlining the navigation and improving the site’s responsiveness, ensuring a seamless experience across devices.


  • The website successfully attracted over 16K new users, demonstrating the effectiveness of the SEO and content strategy in building an online presence.
  • The most visited pages were the Home page (21K views) and the Menu page (15K views), indicating a high interest in exploring the restaurant’s offerings.
  • Despite the absence of direct revenue generation through the site, the platform has significantly boosted Pho 4 Star’s brand visibility and customer engagement.

Technologies Used: The site was developed using a combination of WordPress for content management, with custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for specific functionalities. SEO optimization was a priority, alongside the integration of Google Analytics for tracking and insights.

Looking Forward: The Pho 4 Star website project showcases my ability to create a digital space that not only meets but exceeds client expectations in terms of design, functionality, and performance. It stands as a testament to my commitment to delivering comprehensive web solutions that drive engagement and business growth.

Pho 4 Star Logo
Non La Sup Shop Landing page
Part 1/2 Pho 4 Star Landing Page
Pho 4 Star landing page 2/2 project

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