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Pho 4 Star is a popular pho restaurant located in San Antonio, Texas. The restaurant has been in business for over 10 years, serving traditional Vietnamese pho, spring rolls, and other Asian-inspired dishes to its local community. However, Pho 4 Star did not have a modern website to showcase their menu, location and hours. The goal of this project was to create an easy-to-use website that would help the restaurant increase its online visibility and drive more customers to the restaurant.

Project Scope: The project scope included the design and development of a fully-responsive WordPress website that would feature the restaurant’s menu, location, hours, and contact information. The website would also include an online ordering system, connected to their POS system, allowing customers to place takeout orders directly from the website.

Design and Development: The website was designed using a clean and modern layout that would be easy to navigate. The website was built using WordPress, that would allow the restaurant to easily update the website’s content in the future. The website was also made fully responsive, ensuring that it would be optimized for all devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

Key Features: The website includes several key features that help the restaurant achieve its goals. The website’s menu is prominently featured on the homepage, making it easy for customers to view the restaurant’s offerings and prices. The website also includes a map and directions to the restaurant, allowing customers to easily find the location. The website also includes an online ordering system, which allows customers to place takeout orders directly from the website.

Results: Since the launch of the website, Pho 4 Star has seen a significant increase in online visibility and website traffic. The website has also helped to drive more customers to the restaurant, resulting in an increase in sales. The online ordering feature has also been a success, with many customers opting to place takeout orders directly from the website.

Conclusion: The website has been a great success for Pho 4 Star, helping the restaurant to increase its online visibility and drive more customers to the restaurant. The website’s clean design and easy-to-use online ordering system have been particularly successful, and the restaurant has received positive feedback from customers. The website was developed and launched in a short amount of time, and has been easy to manage and update, which is a great advantage for the restaurant. Overall, the website has been a valuable investment for Pho 4 Star, and has helped the restaurant to achieve its goals.

Website can be found HERE

Pho 4 Star Logo
Non La Sup Shop Landing page
Part 1/2 Pho 4 Star Landing Page
Pho 4 Star landing page 2/2 project

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