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Charlotte Spark: Lighting Up the Digital Landscape

Project Overview: Charlotte Spark was conceived as a beacon for community engagement and local event promotion in Charlotte. The initiative required a website that could embody the vibrancy of the city’s cultural offerings and inspire community participation. The objective was to create an inviting and informative online platform that serves as the go-to resource for local events.

My Role: As the architect behind the initial design and SEO strategy for Charlotte Spark, I played a pivotal role in shaping the website’s digital presence. My responsibilities included crafting a visually compelling design and implementing foundational SEO practices to ensure the site’s visibility and accessibility.

Challenges & Solutions:

  • Engagement and Accessibility: To foster user engagement and ensure easy access to event information, I designed an intuitive interface with interactive elements like a dynamic event calendar and social media feeds. These features aimed to keep the community connected and informed.
  • SEO Foundation: Understanding the importance of search engine visibility for promoting local events, I laid the groundwork for SEO success. This involved keyword research tailored to the Charlotte community, optimizing site content for search engines, and establishing a structure that supports ongoing SEO efforts.
  • Visual and Brand Identity: Capturing the essence of Charlotte’s dynamic cultural scene was crucial. I developed a unique visual identity for the site, utilizing vibrant colors, engaging imagery, and a layout that mirrors the energy of the events and initiatives Charlotte Spark represents.


  • The launch of the Charlotte Spark website marked a significant milestone in the initiative’s mission to engage the Charlotte community. The site was well-received, praised for its design, functionality, and the comprehensive event information it provides.
  • My work on the website’s design and SEO laid a solid foundation for Charlotte Spark’s online presence, contributing to increased visibility for local events and fostering greater community involvement.
  • Although I no longer manage the website, my contributions have had a lasting impact, setting the stage for the initiative’s continued success in promoting Charlotte’s cultural vibrancy.

Technologies Used: Leveraging WordPress, I employed custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to deliver a bespoke user experience, complemented by strategic SEO optimization to maximize the site’s reach and effectiveness.

Reflection: The Charlotte Spark project stands as a testament to my ability to deliver engaging web designs and effective SEO strategies. It underscores my commitment to creating digital experiences that not only resonate with users but also achieve the strategic objectives of community-focused initiatives.

Project Images
Charlotte Spark Logo
Logo I created for Charlotte Spark
Charlotte Spark Landing Page 1/2
Charlotte Spark Landing Page

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