About Non La Sup Shop

Non La Sup Shop: Crafting a Digital Presence for Culinary Excellence

Project Overview: Developed a vibrant and user-friendly website for Non La Sup Shop, a local restaurant celebrated for its authentic cuisine. The project aimed to enhance the restaurant’s online visibility, streamline the ordering process, and showcase the menu’s diversity and quality.

My Role: As the lead developer, I was responsible for the website’s design, development, and SEO strategy. My focus was on creating an engaging user experience that reflected the restaurant’s brand and facilitated easy access to information and online ordering.

Challenges & Solutions:

  • Engagement: Implemented interactive menu features and high-quality visuals to attract and retain visitors, resulting in increased online orders.
  • Local SEO: Optimized for local search, significantly improving the restaurant’s online visibility within the community.


  • The website received positive feedback from customers and contributed to an uptick in online orders. Although Non La Sup Shop has since closed its doors, the project remains a testament to my ability to deliver comprehensive web solutions that drive business objectives.

Technologies Used: Utilized WordPress with custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, focusing on mobile responsiveness and SEO best practices.

Learning Points: This project reinforced the importance of aligning web design with a business’s brand identity and the potential of SEO to transform a restaurant’s digital footprint.

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